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Understanding Eating Concerns at Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College Health Services seeks to foster the emotional and physical well-being of students.  In keeping with this ideal, the Health Services staff realize the need for support and education around the topics of weight, body image, disordered eating, food preoccupation, and exercise obsession.

Eating disorders and these related concerns do not discriminate on the basis of gender, size, ethnicity, race, color, creed, socioeconomic status, or age.  Therefore, we encourage the Dartmouth Community to adopt principles that support joy and pleasure in eating and movement, and accept and promote the idea that healthy living may come in many shapes and sizes.

However, we are aware that Dartmouth students experience various pressures which may lead to an increased concern about food, body image, and exercise.  In a small community like ours, students may compare their eating and exercise habits to others.  Unfortunately, these comparisons may lead to obsessions and unhealthy behaviors.  Sometimes eating concerns can serve as a way to manage or cope with other life struggles.  When students find that thoughts of food, body, weight or exercise are taking up more space and time than is desirable, we encourage them to seek help.  If you are unclear as to whether your thoughts an behaviors may be leading you toward disordered eating and exercise patterns, please consider taking the following self-assessment (

Last Updated: 12/3/14