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The Dartmouth College Eating Disorders Consultation Team

Dartmouth College Health Service is equipped to provide an outpatient level of care for students struggling with eating disorders or related concerns.  We believe the best approach to this mental health issue should involve professional disciplines that can treat the whole patient (body and mind).  Therefore, we have established a team of professionals that serve as consultants to oversee the care of students identified as struggling with eating concerns or seeking care at Dick's House.  This team consists of members of the following departments within Dartmouth College Health Service:

  • Counseling Center 603-646-9442
  • Nutrition 603-646-9442
  • Primary Care 603-646-9401
  • Athletic Medicine 603-646-2472

The mission of our team is to motivate students with eating disorders/disordered eating to seek treatment and to provide consistent and interdisciplinary quality care to students at risk for serious health complications.  Our team meets weekly to review clinical cases.  The team frequently receives feedback and concerns about students from various members of the campus community, including: roommates, teammates, coaches, athletic trainers, professors, parents, Dining Services, Safety & Security, and many of the campus administrative offices.  Based on the level of concern for the student, the ED Consultation Team, in conjunction with the student's treatment team, will make recommendations regarding the student's treatment, as well as his/her participation in academic, social, and/or athletic activities.  Furthermore, when warranted, recommendations and support for medical withdrawal from the college are offered.

Last Updated: 5/21/18