Postdoctoral Researchers

I am interested in collaborating with postdoctoral researchers on projects of mutual interest, and would be interested in writing joint proposals with folks who have interesting and fundable ideas.


Recent or imminent Ph.D.'s with interests in aquatic ecology, environmental health, microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, and/or the linkages between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems are particularly encouraged to contact me regarding their ideas; other inquiries are also welcome. 


Graduate Students

I am starting to think about recruiting a new student into the lab starting sometime in 2013.  Area of interest is open, but should connect in some small way to projects currently underway in the lab.


For more information about research in progress in the Cottingham lab, please email me (Kathryn.Cottingham AT


For more information about our highly rated Ecology and Evolution Graduate Program, click here


For more information about Dartmouth, click here

Undergraduate Students

We typically hire 1-3 undergraduate students each spring and summer to assist with field sampling, mesocosm experiments, laboratory work, and computer modeling and statistics.


If you're interested in working in my lab, please email me (Kathryn.Cottingham AT

and we'll set up an appointment.


Students with interests and experience in aquatic ecology, statistics, and/or microbiology are encouraged to apply.


Biology majors who are interested in long-term commitments leading to independent (Bio 95/96) or honors (Bio 97) research projects will receive particular consideration.


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Last Updated: 02 April 2012