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COSO Recognized Organizations


ABLE (Access by Leadership & Equity) Issue Awareness Active
Active Minds Issue Awareness


Aegis Publication Active
Aires Performance  Active


Publication  Active
Architecture  Pre-Professional  Active

Argentine Tango Society

 Recreational  Active
Association of Women in Mathematics  Pre-Professional  Active
Atheists, Humanists, Agnostics  Issue Awareness Active
Athenaeum Society of Dartmouth  Issue Awareness  
Ballet Folklorico de Dartmouth  Performance  Active
Bazaar  Publication  
The Big Green Machine Recreational Active
Big Sib, Little Sib  Culture-Specific  Active
BookeD Recreational  Active
Bridge Club  Recreational  Active
Brovertones  Performance Active
Caribbean Connection  Culture-Specific  Active
Casual Thursday  Performance  Active
Ceili Irish Dancers Performance  Active
The Centrist Project Issue Awareness Active
Chess Club  Recreational  Active
College Bowl Academic Competition  Active
College Democrats  Issue Awareness  Active
College Libertarians Issue Awareness Active
College Republicans  Issue Awareness  Active
Colleges Against Cancer Service & Philanthropy  Active
Collegiate Journal of Art  Publication  
Cords  Performance  Active
Cover the Globe Service & Philanthropy  Active
Creative Gaming Club  Recreational  Active
Dandelion Project Service & Philanthropy Active
 D Style Performance  Active
Dartmouth African Students Association Culture-Specific Active
Dartmouth Alliance Pre-Professional Active
Dartmouth Animal Welfare Group Issue Awareness  Active
Dartmouth Asian Organization  Culture-Specific Active
Dartmouth Bartenders (A Cappella) Performance Active
Dartmouth Business Journal  Publication  Active
Dartmouth Chamber Orchestra  Performance Active
Dartmouth China Care Club  Issue Awareness Active
Dartmouth Chinese Culture Society  Culture-Specific Active
Dartmouth Chinese Dance Troupe  Culture-Specific Active
Dartmouth Classical Ballet Theatre Performance Active
Dartmouth Classical Music Raiders  Performance  
Dartmouth for Clean Water Service & Philanthropy Active 
Dartmouth Coalition for Immigration Reform, Equality, and Dreamers (COFIRED) Issue Awareness Active
Dartmouth Coffee Club Recreational Active
Dartmouth College Chemistry Society  Issue Awareness Active
Dartmouth Competitive Programming Recreational Active
Dartmouth Computer Gaming Association Recreational  Active
Dartmouth Consulting Group Pre-Professional Active
Dartmouth Cooking and Grilling Recreational Active
Dartmouth Ecovores  Issue Awareness  Active
Dartmouth EMS  Issue Awareness  Active
Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network - Undergraduates  Pre-Profesional  Active
Dartmouth Ethics Society Academic Competition  Active
Dartmouth Fashion Council Publication Active
Dartmouth Financial Autodidacts Pre-Professional  
Dartmouth Fitness Club  Issue Awareness  
Dartmouth for UNICEF Service & Philanthropy  
Dartmouth Global China Connection Issue Awareness Active
Dartmouth Hacker Club Recreational Active
Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering Service & Philanthropy Active 
Dartmouth International  Publication  
Dartmouth Japan Society  Culture-Specific Active
Dartmouth Juggling Club Recreational Active
Dartmouth Knitting Club  Recreational  
Dartmouth Law Journal  Publication  Active
Dartmouth Mathematical Society Pre-Professional  Active
Dartmouth Microlending Society  Service & Philanthropy  
Dartmouth Minorities in Business Association Pre-Professional Active 
Dartmouth Poker Society Recreational Active
Dartmouth Quantitative Finance  Pre-Professional  Active
Dartmouth Quest Scholars  Issue Awareness  Active
Dartmouth Radical Publication Active
Dartmouth Random Acts of Kindness Issue Awareness Active 
Dartmouth Rootstrikers Issue Awareness Active
Dartmouth Rotaract Club  Pre-Professional  
Dartmouth Rude Mechanicals  Performance  Active
Dartmouth Society of Investment and Economics Pre-Professional  Active
Dartmouth Spectra Issue Awareness Active
Dartmouth Standup Comics Performance  Active
Dartmouth Students for Israel  Issue Awareness  Active
Dartmouth Student Mindfulness Group Recreational Active
Dartmouth Swing Dance Club  Recreational Active
Dartmouth Taiwanese Student Association  Culture-specific  Active
Dartmouth Television  Publication  Active
Dartmouth Undergraduate Veterans Association (DUVA) Issue Awareness  Active
Decibelles  Performance Active
Displaced Theater Company  Performance  Active
Dodecaphonics  Performance  Active
Dog Day Players  Performance  Active
DRAW!  Publication  Active
First Voices  Publication  
For Your Glory  Recreational  Active
Fostering Hope Service & Philanthropy Active
Friday Night Rock  Recreational  Active
FUSION Dance Ensemble  Performance  Active
Gender Sexuality XYZ  Issue Awareness  Active
Germania: German Club  Culture-Specific Active 
GlobeMed at Dartmouth Service & Philanthropy  Active
Hokupaa  Culture-specific  Active
Humpday Gazette  Publication  
Improv to the People Performance  Active
International Students Association  Culture-Specific  Active
Italian Club  Culture-Specific  Active
Jabulani African Chorus  Performance  Active
Jack-O-Lantern  Publication Active
J Street U  Issue Awareness Active
Korean Students Association  Culture-Specific Active
The KURA Project Service & Philanthropy Active
La Alianza Latina  Culture-Specific  Active
Latin American Political Society  Issue Awareness Active
MAPS  Pre-Professional  Active
Medieval Enthusiasts at Dartmouth  Recreational  Active
Mediation @ Dartmouth  Issue Awareness  Active
Medlife  Service & Philanthropy  Active
Men of Color Alliance  Issue Awareness  
Men's Forum Issue Awareness Active
Movement Against Violence Issue Awareness Active
Milan  Culture-Specific  Active
Mitosis Pre-Professional  Active
Mock Trial Society Academic Competition  Active
Modern Abolition Initiative  Issue Awareness Active
MOSAIC Culture Specific Active
Mountains for Moms  Service & Philanthropy  
Mouth Publication  Active
NAACP  Issue Awareness  Active
Nathan Smith Society  Pre-Professional Active
National Society of Black Engineers  Pre-Professional  Active
National Society of Collegiate Scholars  Pre-Professional Active
Native Americans at Dartmouth  Culture-Specific  Active
Native Organization of Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Pre-Professional Active
North Korea Project  Issue Awareness Active 
Northern Lights Recreational Active
Pan-Asian Wellness Initiative Issue Awareness Active
 Parliamentary Debate Team Academic Competition  Active
Physics Society Pre-Professional Active 
Pre-Vet Society  Pre-Professional Active
Project Right Choice Service & Philanthropy  
Project Z Issue Awareness  Active
Quisqueyanos at Dartmouth (QUAD) Culture-Specific  Active
Raaz Performance  Active
RED-C Pre-Professional  Active
Rockapellas  Performance  Active
Russian Club Culture-Specific  Active
 SHEBA Dance Group
Performance Active
She's the First Service & Philanthropy  Active
Signers  Issue Awareness  Active
Sing Dynasty  Performance  Active
Smart Woman Securities  Pre-Professional  Active
Society of Biological Sciences Pre-Professional Active
Soul Scribes  Performance  Active
SOYAYYA African Dance Troupe Performance Active
Spoon:Dartmouth College Recreational Active
Sports Business at Dartmouth  Pre-Professional  Active
Squeezebox  Publication  
Staccato  Performance  
Stories Growing Films  Publication Active
Street Soul  Recreational  Active
Stonefence Review  Publication  Active
Students of Hong Kong  Culture-Specific  Active
Students for Education Reform  Issue Awareness  Active
Students for Justice in Palestine Issue Awareness Active
Subtleties  Performance  Active
Sugarplum  Performance  Active
Super Smash Brothers Recreational  Active
This is Not a Group  Recreational  Active
Thursday Night Salsa  Recreational Active
Transfer Exchange  Issue Awareness  
Vandana  Performance  Active
VDay Dartmouth Issue Awareness  Active
Vietnamese Student Association  Culture-Specific Active
Vita Clamantis  Issue Awareness  Active
Voces Unidas Issue Awareness  
Vox Brasiliae  Culture-Specific Active
Women in Business  Pre-Professional  Active
Women in Computer Science Pre-Professional  Active
Women of Color Collective  Issue Awareness  Active
Women's Forum Issue Awareness  Active
World Partners in Education at Dartmouth Service & Philanthropy  
X.ado  Performance Active

Last Updated: 4/14/14