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Council on Student Organizations
6181 Collis Center Room 303
Hanover, NH
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Process of Submitting a Publication Proposal

  • Log-in to your organization's portal in OrgSync to submit a proposal for publications. For more information on submitting proposals, please click here.
  • Your proposal must include a distribution plan.

  • Upload multiple (2-3) quotes from publishers for printing. Please include prices for various number of copies printed. Proposals without quotes will not be considered.

  • If you are requesting funds for web hosting, please include the fee information from the hosting site. 

  • Proposals are due Mondays at noon for consideration at the next Wednesday COSO meeting.

Special Information for Publications

  • With recognition, publications have the right to use the publications office in 202-204 Robinson Hall. The office is equipped with computers and other equipment that is needed for publications. This is a shared office and all COSO publications have equal rights to access.
  • Go Green Initiative: To encourage the use of online publications, COSO will pay for domain hosting, web design, and provide a $100 incentive per term that no paper copies are printed.

Financial Procedures for Publications - How to get your publication printed: 

1) Requesting an Invoice & Purchase Order

  • Vendors will require an official Dartmouth College confirming purchase order (which includes a purchase order #) before they will begin printing
  • To request, you will need a final quote from the vendor. 
  • Bring the quote to Collis 303 to either Pat Moss or Cathy Follensbee or email the quote to along with a request to send a confirming purchase order. 
  • We will verify that the group has money to cover the cost of printing and will arrange for Procurement Services to send an official Dartmouth confirming purchase order (and purchase order #) to the vendor. 
  • Once the vendor receives the purchase order paperwork, they will print your publication. 
  • After printing has been completed, the vendor will send an invoice with the purchase order number on it, and we will process for payment. 

2) Using a Purchasing Card for Payment

  • Purchase cards may be used to pay for printing if the amount is under $500. 
  • First, get a final quote from your vendor. 
  • Request a credit card using Form # 1: Purchase Card Request Form on the COSO Treasurers Corner Website. 
  • Submit form to
  • Before receiving permission to use the card and print, the financial assistants in 303 will verify that you have the funds in your account. 
  • DO not have the vendor start printing until AFTER funding has been verified and the purchase card has been issued. 

Last Updated: 9/9/14