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Applying for COSO Funding

Funding Procedure & Timeline

1) Complete the appropriate form via OrgSync: Publication, Conference/Travel, or Funding (Event) Proposal. Your proposal should be detailed and thorough. In addition, you must provide an itemized budget for food and other miscellaneous expenses.

2) Submit proposal via OrgSync by Mondays at noon.

3) Check your email on Tuesday for an invitation to attend the COSO meeting on Wednesday to present your proposal.

4) Present your proposal to the COSO board at their weekly meeting (Wednesday between 3-5pm).

5) COSO will deliberate and inform you of the funding decision within approximately 5-10 minutes.

Directions for Submitting a Funding, Conference/Travel, and Publication Proposal via OrgSync

Please submit all proposals via OrgSync. As of Summer Term 2014, only proposals submitted on OrgSync will be considered.

-To request a new budget, click on "more" and then "Treasury" on the top bar of your portal. - Log-in to OrgSync into your organization's portal. 

- Click the "Manage Budget" box, enter the budget period,  and then select "New Budget" on the right. 

-Enter the content of your budget request. 

1) Enter Budget name - this should be the name of the event or request. Be specific. 

orgsync instructions

2) Select Budget Period. (The Budget period will be the current term- unless you are completing a term budget)

3) Select a budget category from the dropdown provided: There are 3 options (Funding Proposal, Conference and Travel, and Publications) A "Fill Out" button will appear - complete all questions in the attached form. 

4) Enter a name for this portion of the budget. It can be the same as the Budget Name above. 

5) Select a line item from the dropdown provided

6) Enter a description of what the money will be used for. This is required. 

7) Enter the amount you're requesting for this line item.

8) Click to add additional line items under this budget category.

9) Click to add new budget item. This will be useful if you have multiple parts of an event. 

10) Upload any additional documents that pertain to your event. For example, you can include a quote from a caterer, description of a performer, etc...

** Budget Name (1) and Name (4) should be the title of the event. It needs to be written twice. 

Below these fields is a running total that updates as you enter new amounts. When your request is finalized and you are ready to send, click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.


Last Updated: 9/9/14