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Council on Student Organizations
6181 Collis Center Room 303
Hanover, NH
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How to Apply to COSO for Funding:

1) Complete the appropriate form via OrgSync: Publication, Conference/Travel, or Funding (Event) Proposal. Your proposal should be detailed and thorough. In addition, you must provide an itemized budget for food and other miscellaneous expenses.

2) Submit proposal via OrgSync by Mondays at noon.

3) Check your email on Tuesday for an invitation to attend the COSO meeting on Wednesday to present your proposal. 

4) Present your proposal to the COSO board at their weekly meeting (Wednesday between 3-5pm).

5) COSO will deliberate and inform you of the funding decision within approximately 5-10 minutes.


Funding Guidelines


  • COSO is the primary source of funding - cannot receive funding from other UFC groups (PB, CGB, SA, GLC, Club Sports, SPEC, DOC, COCO)
  • COSO funds events that have a total cost of under $5,000. If the total cost is above $5,000, you must apply to SPEC. 
  • 2 instructional workshops by an outside instructor per term when appropriate
  • 4 regularly scheduled events with food (lunch dinner) per term; Must have specific topic, date, speakers, location on proposal.
  • Selective organizations can apply for funds for events open to the entire campus.
  • COSO does not fund retroactively.
  • No ticket sales to undergraduate students
  • Movie and media screenings must observe copyright laws.
  • Any leftover money must be returned to COSO
  • Go Green Publications incentive: COSO will provide funding for domain hosting, web design, and give $100 if no paper copies are printed. 


  • $7 per person for catered food
  • $8 per person for cooking


  • $3 per person for refreshments
  • All proposals must include an itemized food budget.
    • If your proposal does not include an itemized food budget, your proposal will not be considered. 


  • Driving Distance: COSO will fund up to 8 participants.
      • For additional participants, justification must be explained.
      • All drivers must be college approved. 
  • Flights: COSO will fund transportation for up to 4 students
      • For additional participants, justification must be explained.
      • All flight travel arrangements should be made through the Dartmouth Travel Office.
  • Lodging: 4 to a room, except where gender is a factor.
  • Food: COSO will not incur the cost of food for conference or travel expense.


Last Updated: 4/30/14