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Conferences and Travel

Submitting a Conference/Travel Form via OrgSync

Please visit the "Applying for COSO Funding" page for directions on submitting a conference/travel form. 

Conference Guidelines

COSO will not fund more than 2 conferences per year.

If traveling by plane, you must submit your proposal at least 3 weeks in advance of your proposal date.

Registration Fees: COSO will fund all conference fees that it sees fit.

Driving Distance: COSO will fund up to 8 participants.

  • For additional participants, justification must be explained.
  • All drivers must be college approved if travel is being done for college business, regardless of a private or college vehicle being driven.

Flights: COSO will fund transportation for up to 4 students.

  • For additional participants, justification must be explained.
  • All flight travel arrangements should be made through the Dartmouth Travel Office.
  • Van service to and from the airport to a hotel will be covered, though COSO encourages groups to look into the existence of complimentary shuttles.

Lodging:4 to a room, except in circumstances where gender is a factor. When available, please make use of dorm housing options.

Food: COSO will not incur the cost of food for the conference or for travel expenses.

Last Updated: 9/14/15