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Council on Student Organizations
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Hanover, NH
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Sound & Audio Needs

For events held in Collis: Contact the Assistant Director of Collis for Operations. He will be able to assist you with the technical needs for your event. Collis Common Ground has the capacity to handle most basic audio needs for events; however, if your setup is more complicated, contact Hanover Strings, which can provide audio equipment for all but the most complex of events (i.e. large concert)

While in most cases, there is no charge for using the audio equipment already within Collis, tech charges may apply for some events depending on the complexity of the equipment setup. FOr more information, please visit the Collis website

For events held in other campus locations: contact Conferences and Special Events as soon as possible prior to your event. The earlier you contact them, the more likely you will get the equipment you need. 

Last Updated: 8/21/13