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Council on Student Organizations
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Hanover, NH
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Outdoor Events

If you would like to hold an event in an outdoor space (i.e. Mass Row, BEMA, etc.), start by reserving the space through WebViewer on BannerStudent at least 2 weeks in advance. Then, contact the Events Facilitator in Conferences & Special Events as quickly as possible to confirm if you need a town permit, set-ups, power, water, etc.... 

It is also advisable to book a rain location for any events held outdoors so that you have an available backup should the weather not cooperate with your outdoor plans. 

Outdoor events require that an outdoor permit be applied for and approved first with the Conferences and Special Events office and then with the Town of Hanover. Conferences & Special Events has these forms on file in their office. Specifically for noisy outdoor events (i.e.concert), there are town regulations that prohibit outdoor amplification after 10pm during the week and after 11pm on weekends. This process takes 10 business days. 

Last Updated: 8/21/13