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Council on Student Organizations
6181 Collis Center Room 303
Hanover, NH
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Planning Events at Dartmouth

Is your student organization planning an event? This guide is meant to help you through the event-planning process and provide you with the resources you need to plan a successful event. The first step in planning an event is finding a space on campus. 

Tools for Event-Planning

Policies and Useful Information
Accessibility Dean of the College Rallies, Marches, & Vigils
Alcohol Donations/Fundraising Risk Management
Alumni Funding Policies Safety & Security
Booking Space Lodging & Travel Sound/Audio Needs
Bus Rental Marketing Student Employees
Catering Movies T-Shirt Sales
Contracted Events Outdoor Events Using the Dartmouth Name
Corporate & Foundation Relations President's Office Vox Cars
DA$H Purchase Card Policies Working with Minors 









Last Updated: 9/27/13