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Event-Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Needs Assessment: What kind of program do students want or need? Conduct a brief survey, ask classmates, or talk to a staff member/advisor.

2. Set Goals: What are you trying to accomplish by having this event?

3. Brainstorm Ideas for Event- Discuss issues like event feasibility, available resources/funding options, logistics, inclusivity, accessibility.

4. Initial Planning: Determine the date, anticipated attendance, location, staffing, specific needs for the event, contracts/paperwork, space, food/catering, and risk management.

5. Develop a Budget: Consider site/facility fees, food costs, audio-visual, electrical/lighting, decorations, entertainment, advertising.

6. Publicize Your Event

7. Finalize Plans - determine set up needs, staffing, confirmations.

8. Execute the event

9. Evaluation: assess how the event went.

Last Updated: 12/20/12