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Contracted Events

For events such as outdoor carnivals, lawn parties, etc... that typically require hiring an outside vendor to provide entertainment and novelties, there are a few recommended companies that have been used by student organizations in the past that are trustworthy and reliable.

  • Party Vision: They are already and approved vendor and have a wide variety of inflatables, novelties, games, etc. that they can bring to an event at Dartmouth. They are located in southern New Hampshire, so they do not typically charge any additional travel fees because they are located relatively close to Hanover. 
  • NY Party Works

Please note that all contracts must be approved and signed by authorized Dartmouth staff

When hiring an outside vendor to provide a service, there are certain policies regarding insurance requirements that must be followed. In order for a vendor to be approved, they must have insurance that provides specific levels of coverage that vary based on the type of company. More information can be found here

Each category has a page listing the detailed insurance requirements. Any company hired must add Dartmouth, with the certificate holder specifically listed as:

The Trustees of Dartmouth College

53 South Main Street #212

Hanover, NH 03755

In some cases, vendors may not have the level of insurance coverage required by the College. Therefore, the organizations can apply for a waiver from Risk and Internal Control Services. 

Last Updated: 8/18/13