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Council on Student Organizations
6181 Collis Center Room 303
Hanover, NH

Planning Events at Dartmouth

Is your student organization planning an event? This guide is meant to help you through the event-planning process and provide you with the resources you need to plan a successful event. The first step in planning an event is finding a space on campus. 

Tools for Event-Planning

Policies and Useful Information
Accessibility Dean of the College Rallies, Marches, & Vigils
Alcohol Donations/Fundraising Risk Management
Alumni Funding Policies Safety & Security
Booking Space Lodging & Travel Sound/Audio Needs
Bus Rental Marketing Student Employees
Catering Movies T-Shirt Sales
Contracted Events Outdoor Events Using the Dartmouth Name
Corporate & Foundation Relations President's Office Vox Cars
DA$H Purchase Card Policies Working with Minors 









Last Updated: 9/27/13