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Council on Student Organizations
6181 Collis Center Room 303
Hanover, NH

Donations & Fundraising

The College understands that there may be situations where student organizations have needs that are greater than can be met by the usual on-campus funding sources. In these cases, student organizations are permitted to raise funds under the following guidelines. Remember – you represent Dartmouth College, and should in all ways present yourself and your organization in a professional manner.


Earning Money

Organizations are encouraged to earn money and in some cases are able to use the DA$H system to support sales. To learn more about using DA$H see the administrator in charge of DA$H in the department that recognizes your organization. We do not have any system to support credit card sales by student organizations at the present time. Checks should be made payable to Dartmouth College. Remember to deposit all cash and checks immediately by bringing them to Collis 303. COSO organizations must fill out DA$H sheets and to record students' 9-digit DA$H number, not their student ID number, to complete payment.

  • Sales Locations: Recognized student organizations may sell from tables in Collis, Novack, or Rocky Overhang. To reserve a place in Collis, please blitz Collis Reservations. It is prohibited for an organization to represent any non-Dartmouth vendors (i.e. trying to sign up for a credit card in exchange for a payment to the organization). 
  • Use of the Dartmouth Name: Any items with the Dartmouth name or its logo must be approved before they are created. Inquire at the Office of the General Counsel for approval. 


Asking for Money

You must bring any gifts received to your recognizing department to ensure that they are properly recorded and that a tax receipt is sent to the donor. Remember to also send a prompt thank-you note.

  • From Alumni/Parents: This is NOT ALLOWED. The College forbids broad-based solicitation of alumni/ae and/or parents by student organizations, for reasons you will come to appreciate upon graduation. If you know specific individuals, however, that have shown an interest in your organization you are welcome to keep them informed about your organization's activities. If this should prompt an individual to offer you a donation you may accept it. Checks should again be made payable to Dartmouth College. Bring any donations to your recognizing department immediately, and send a timely thank-you note.
  • From Local Businesses: you are free to ask local merchants for donations in the form of checks or merchandise. Bear in mind, though, that local vendors have been solicited for donations repeatedly – so be professional, ask for a manager, have a written proposal and remember to follow up with a thank-you note within a week.
  • From National Corporations: offices or stores of national (or international) corporations may be approached at the local level. An example would be asking the store manager of Starbucks for a donation – this is allowed. If you want to ask a national corporation at the corporate level for a donation you must first speak with Director of the Collis Center. 

Last Updated: 8/18/13