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Council on Student Organizations
6181 Collis Center Room 303
Hanover, NH
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COSO 101: What All Advisors Should Know

COSO Overview

  • Board of 18 students, 2 faculty, 1 administrator, and 1 non-voting chair from the Collis Center
  • Governs student groups and recognizes student organizations
  • Over 160 recognized organizations

Funds and Event-Planning

  • COSO provides financial support for events through its allocation of UFC (Undergraduate Finance Committee) funds.
  • COSO funds a broad range of events (educational, cultural, recreational) that connect to the mission & purpose of the organization.
  • Each recognized COSO organization has a college account, overseen by the Collis Center for Student Involvement.
  • COSO organizations have the right to request funding from COSO through a proposal process.
  • All proposals require an advisor's signature.

Funding Guidelines

  • COSO is primary source of funding - groups cannot apply to other UFC groups for funding.
  • COSO does not fund retroactively.
  • No ticket sales to undergraduate students.
  • 2 instructional workshops by an outside instructor per term where appropriate.
  • 4 regularly scheduled events with food (lunch, dinner, etc...) per term and must have a specific topic/purpose.
  • Selective organizations can apply for funds for events open to the entire campus.
  • Movie and media screenings must observe copyright laws.
  • Any leftover money must be returned to COSO.
  • Food Guidelines - an itemized food budget must be submitted.
    • $7/person for catered food
    • $8/person for cooking  OR
    • $3/person for refreshments
  • $.50 per person for advertising with an upper limit of $100.
  • Go Green Publications Incentive: COSO will provide funding for domain hosting, web design, and give $100 if no paper copies are printed.
  • Events should be open and free to all students.
  • Publications must submit quotes from 3 vendors that include various printing options.
  • Conferences:
    • 8 students when driving, 4 if flying
    • 4 to a room for lodging (exceptions made for gender)
    • Food costs will not be covered by COSO
    • Must bring back information/skills to benefit campus

Proposal Expectations

  • Be clear and precise - vagueness signals lack of preparation or limited interest in the project or event.
  • Use the correct form.
  • Provide as much information about the event as possible: location, time, date, topic, speakers, advertising plans, etc...
  • Explain how the event connects to your group's mission and purpose.
  • If requesting more than COSO funding guidelines, be prepared to discuss why additional funding is necessary for your event.
  • Include all required signatures. The regular funding proposal form is now online and advisors will receive an electronic copy.

COSO Meetings

  • COSO meets every Wednesday from 3-5pm to review proposals and hear recognitions. Advisors do not need to be present, but are always welcome.
  • All documents are due at noon on Friday for the next Wednesday meeting
  • Big Policy Meeting: 2nd week of the term

Term Budgets

  • Term Budgets are for recurring, previously funded events.
  • Publications must submit multiple quotes.
  • Deadline is 2nd Friday of the term - decision made by the following week.

When to Apply to SPEC

  • SPEC: Special Programs and Events Committee
  • Apply to SPEC if the total cost of the events is over $5000
  • SPEC meets on Tuesdays at 4pm.
  • Proposal form and budget must be submitted on Fridays, 3 weeks prior to the event.

Last Updated: 12/19/12