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Council on Student Organizations
6181 Collis Center Room 303
Hanover, NH
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does COSO meet?

COSO meets every Wednesday while classes are in session from 3-5pm. If your group submitted a proposal, you will receive an email inviting you to come to the meeting. On Wednesday, come to 303 to sign-in (sign-in sheet goes up at 2:45) and wait to be called.

2. Will I get to talk to COSO about my proposal? 

Yes! Please be ready to briefly present your event (including a budget breakdown) to COSO. The members you send to present should be prepared and know all the details of the event. 

3. When will I find out if I get funding? 

 Approximately 5-10 minutes after your presentation. 

4. How do I access the funding?

The funding will be transferred to your group's account. Please stop by Collis 303 for any questions you have about accessing your funding. 

5. Is co-sponsorship allowed?

Your group may not co-sponsor an event with another UFC group. UFC groups include: Programming Board, Collis Governing Board, Greek Leadership Council, Student Assembly, Club Sports, Outdoor Programs, and Class Council. You may co-sponsor an event with other campus departments and programs. 

 6. What if I have questions when filling out the proposal form?

Feel free to contact your COSO rep or stop by Collis 303.

7. Our group wants to make T-Shirts. Are their rules we must follow?

Yes! If you are printing the Dartmouth name or logo, you must order from an approved vendor. Click here for the approved vendor list. You are then required to send an image of your design to Anna Hall, who will then get approval from the Office of Legal Counsel.

8. Can my group request a donation from alumni?

No, the College prohibits solicitations for donations from alumni except for those coordinated by Alumni Relations or the Development Office. 

9. Can a student sign a contact with a vendor or performer?

No - all contracts must be signed by a staff member from the Collis Center. Students may work out the details of the contract, however.

10. Are their rules for catering?

Yes - if you are ordering food from an outside provider for an event, there is a list of approved caterers maintained by the Risk and Internal Controls Services Office. Catering is defined as any delivery and/or serving of food. These are the only food establishments from which you may order prepared food. For a list of catering vendors, click here.

11. My group is planning a fundraiser. How do we use DA$H?

Come to the Collis Center Treasurers Corner in Collis 303 for more information on using DA$H. You will have to schedule an appointment.

12. How do I check the balance of my organization's account?

Blitz the Treasurers Corner with this request. In addition, each group will receive an automated account summary to their blitz account each week. 

13. Do we need "rights" to show a movie at an event?

Yes! If you wish to show a movie on campus in any sort of public venue (yes, your dorm lounge is public), then legal regulations require that you purchase the movie rights for showing the film. Swank and Criterion are the most commonly used vendors.

Last Updated: 9/18/14