Project Cork

Project Cork has moved.

Project CORK has joined the Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs of Department of Health, the State of Vermont. You are invited to visit and bookmark the new Project CORK home-page.

The CORK web site is a major means of disseminating information. The site has over 100 subject bibliographies, a wide range of resource materials, copies of its quarterly current awareness newsletters, as well as the ability to search CORK an on-line bibiographic database.

Project CORK's mission is to assemble and disseminate current, authoritative information on substance abuse to clinicians, health care providers, human service personnel, and policy-makers in the State of Vermont and the region. CORK maintains a resource center, produces a bibliographic database, offers current awareness services to the professional communities, creates resource materials, responds to queries, and collaborates in professional education efforts.


How to reach us.


Project CORK
Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs
Department of Health
108 Cherry Street, Box 70
Burlington VT, 05402



Center Director:   

Jean Kinney


It is also possible to search the database, available on the Dartmouth College Library On-line System, from this location.

You must have a terminal-emulation helper application, such as Telnet, for this to work.
After a connection is made to Dartmouth's online system, type "select file cork" (without quotes)
When you're done with the system, type "bye" (without quotes)