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Policies & Procedures

The basic policy governing travel expenses is that an individual should neither gain nor lose funds in the course of conducting College business.

The Travel Policy applies to travel away from home, as well as other necessary and essential travel and business expense reimbursements.

All travel accommodations should be arranged through Travel Leaders. our contracted vendor. Contact them at (603) 646-3900, toll free at (800) 284-1647, or

If your travel arrangements were handled through Travel Leaders and it becomes necessary to change your travel itinerary while en route, please contact them at (800) 284-1647 for assistance.

The College will reimburse only those expenses incurred in connection with College business and which are appropriately documented by the employee.

Assuming a reasonable level of comfort and convenience for the traveler, every effort should be made to keep College expenses to a minimum. Departmental policies will govern how authorization for travel is granted. Departments may elect to impose additional controls over travel expenditures beyond those required by this policy.

Travelers should use standard accommodations in reasonably priced hotels, taking advantage of educational and group discounts made available through Travel Leaders. If Travel Leaders was not involved in making your travel arrangements, they may be unable to provide assistance if you require changes to your itinerary.

Reimbursement will be on the basis of actual and reasonable expenses incurred for transportation, meals, lodging and other necessary business expenses. A per diem travel reimbursement allowance is available for visitors to the Hanover area.

Expenses must be reported on an actual cost basis (substantiated with receipts for expenditures). Original receipts must be maintained and submitted for any single travel expenditure of $75 or more to comply with IRS regulations. Where per diem rates are in order, the traveler is expected to stay within these guidelines.

The Business Expense Reimbursement Form must be approved by the traveler's immediate supervisor or a more senior officer who has the authority to approve such expenditures. A supervisor or senior officer can not approve the Business Expense Reimbursement Form if they also traveled with the individual on College business. A more senior officer would need to approve the expenditures.

The College will not reimburse travelers for expenses which are inherently personal in nature such as child care, clothing, personal recreation or entertainment. Reimbursable expenses must have a business purpose.

The College will not provide travel advances nor make reimbursements for the travel expenses of spouses or others who accompany faculty or other employees on College business, except in unusual circumstances which require their presence. These exceptions must be approved in advance and in writing by a Dean, Vice President or President.

Compliance with this policy will greatly facilitate the processing and payment of the travel reimbursement request.

Last Updated: 5/18/10