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Personal Automobiles

As a general rule, the use of personal vehicles for College travel is discouraged because no reimbursement will be made for the cost of repairs to these vehicles, regardless of whether the costs result from business travel or whether they result from acts of the traveler or another individual. Furthermore, it is the obligation of the owner of a personal vehicle being used for College business to carry adequate insurance for his or her protection and for the protection of any passengers.

When the use of a personal vehicle is necessary, reimbursement for its use will be at the mileage rate published by the Controller's Office. The mileage reimbursement rate can be found at The reimbursement rate includes the vehicle as well as any repairs, gas charges and an increment for the owner's personal automobile insurance coverage, since it is the primary coverage in case of an accident. Additional reimbursement may be requested for tolls and parking fees. The College will not reimburse employees for parking tickets, fines for moving violations, vehicle towing charges or auto repairs and maintenance.

Last Updated: 5/18/10