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International Travel

All travelers should check the U.S. State Department website listing areas of civil unrest and refrain from making arrangements to these locations.

Travelers going into areas where there are known civil unrest must contact Risk and Internal Controls Services at (603) 646-2441 prior to departure for exclusions in business travel/international liability coverage.

All policies pertaining to travel apply to international travel. Actual costs are reimbursable, to the extent reasonable and necessary, provided adequate documentation is submitted with the travel reimbursement requests.

International travel funded by sponsored grants or contracts must be authorized in advance by the Office of Sponsored Projects. Most agencies require that all international travel be on a U.S. flag carrier unless circumstances, such as lengthy holdovers, preclude using a U.S. airline. In the event that there are no U.S. flag carriers going to the traveler's destination, the traveler must contact the Office of Sponsored Projects at (603) 646-3007. Many sponsoring agencies must specifically approve trips abroad well in advance of departure. This requirement exists whether or not such travel is referenced in the grant or contract award notification. Arrangements for international travel supported by sponsoring agencies can be complex, requiring not only prior approval but detailed justification for each trip as well as detailed trip reports. For specific information on sponsoring agencies requirements, contact the Office of Sponsored Projects. International travel funded from other than a grant or contract account must be approved in advance and in writing by an Associate Dean, Dean or Vice President.

In exceptional cases involving trips of two weeks or more where the necessary receipts will be impossible to secure, international travel may be reimbursed on a per diem basis. This per diem arrangement must be approved in writing in advance of the trip by an Associate Dean, Dean or Vice President and must also be pre-approved by the Controller. If approved, per diem rates will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Last Updated: 5/18/10