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Air Travel

Air travel is reimbursed for coach economy airfare only. Exceptions to the air travel policy for business travel involving an extended period of travel time or tight scheduling will only be considered with the prior approval of a Vice President, Provost or President.

Air travel is restricted to regularly scheduled commercial airlines. In the event it is necessary to use air charter or air taxi services, the traveler must contact the Office of Integrated Risk Management & Insurance at (603) 646-2441. Corporate aircraft of major recognized corporations may be used under exceptional circumstances with the approval of a Dean, Vice President or President.

All travel accommodations should be arranged through Travel Leaders. The total cost will be charged directly to your chart/PTAEO string. All travel arrangements should be made well in advance, as airfare booked early can often be obtained at a much lower rate. Before committing to a deeply discounted ticket carrying a substantial penalty for cancellation, individuals should make certain that they can adhere to the planned itinerary.

If your travel arrangements were handled through Travel Leaders and it becomes necessary to change your travel itinerary while en route, please contact Travel Leaders at (800) 284-1647 for assistance. In the event your travel plans change, you must contact the College Travel Office immediately. Recent changes to various ticket classes have made it mandatory to deal with changes in advance of your travel. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the full value for all non-refundable tickets.

Travel Leaders has negotiated discounted airfares on most major airlines. Their agents are trained to look for the lowest priced, most convenient airfare for you. If you book your airfare via another agency, the College may not reimburse you until after your trip has occurred. If it is determined that your airfare was booked at a higher price than was available through Travel Leaders, the College will not be obligated to reimburse you for the higher ticket price.

Last Updated: 5/18/10