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Recent Activity Summary

The Recent Activity Summary lists all transactions which have posted to the student account since the last Account Statement and a detailed list of all Current Anticipated Aid/Credits*. It also provides a current summary of the account. The summary includes a Revised Current Balance, Current Anticipated Aid/Credits* and a Revised Amount Due.

The summary will only exist if there have been transactions posted since the last Account Statement or there have been changes in Anticipated Aid/Credits*. The date the Recent Activity Summary was last updated will appear both on the summary and on the Recent Activity tab.

Similar to the Account Statement, if you make a payment for less than the balance shown adjustments must be communicated using the Payment Explanation Form.

Examples of how the Summary can be helpful include:

  • Verification of payments received by our office
  • Impact of revised aid
  • Ability to view adjustments posted after the Account Statement was released

* Please note: Certain types of aid may not appear in the Current Anticipated Aid/Credits section. Examples include Outside Scholarships, Alternative Loans and PLUS Loans.

Last Updated: 5/14/15