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Contacts for transactions on statement

Student Financial Services acts as a clearing house for many student charges and credits which originate with the other offices and departments of the college. We suggest you contact the specific office listed below if you have a question concerning a particular item. If the item you have a question about does not appear below, please contact Student Financial Services.

Item Department to Contact Telephone Number
Computer Charges The Computer Store (603) 646-3249
DASH Discretionary & Administrative Accounts The Dartmouth Card Office (603) 646-3724
Dining Services Meal Plans & monthly charges The Dartmouth Card Office (603) 646-3724

DOC First Year Trip

DOC Trips Office (603) 646-3996

Health Services including insurance

Health Services (603) 646-9438
Fraternity/Sorority Dues and Rent GLOS Office (603) 646-2399
Off-Campus Program Charges Off-Campus Programs Office (603) 646-1202
PE Course Fees DCAD Physical Education (603) 646-2478
Room Rent Charges

Undergraduate Housing

(603) 646-3093
Rental Charges for Graduate Students

Real Estate Office - Rental Housing

Sachem Rental Housing

(603) 646-2170

(603) 643-1964

Financial Aid Offices

Item Department to Contact Telephone Number
Undergraduate Undergraduate Financial Aid (603) 646-2451
A & S Graduate Programs Undergraduate Financial Aid (603) 646-2451
Geisel School of Medicine Geisel Financial Aid (603) 650-1572
Thayer School of Engineering Thayer School Academic & Student Affairs (603) 646-2606
Tuck School of Business Tuck Financial Aid (603) 646-1571

Last Updated: 7/24/18