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General Information on the Account Statement

  • The Amount Due: PLEASE PAY THIS AMOUNT Totals both reflect the deduction of all potential financial aid and anticipated credits. If you have other anticipated aid items, please use the Payment Explanation Form to provide them to us. If you are mailing a payment, a copy of the account statement should be included and you should list any adjustments on the statement or on a separate sheet of paper that also has the name and student ID number printed on it.
  • Payment Instructions: You may either use the “Pay Now” button to make an electronic payment or mail a payment. If mailing the payment, please make the check payable to Dartmouth College and return it with a copy of the statement to: Student Account Payment, Dartmouth Cashier’s Office, 6132 McNutt Hall, Room 103, Hanover, NH 03755-3541. Your check must be payable in U.S. dollars; foreign currency will not be accepted. Dartmouth does not accept credit card payments.
  • Authorized Financial Aid: Financial aid credits that appear in this category have been approved for payment but have not been disbursed. Disbursement will automatically occur on predetermined future dates. Following disbursement, the aid will appear on the account statement in the Current Payments section. Authorized Financial Aid/Special Payments & Credits appearing on the account statement reduces the amount due accordingly.
  • Anticipated Credits: Items in this category generally include financial aid credits that have not been authorized for payment by the Financial Aid Office due to outstanding processing requirements. Other anticipated credits may be scholarships or non-federal loans from sponsors or external agencies. Once authorized or received, these credits will appear on account statement as Authorized Financial Aid or Current Payments depending upon the processing date. Note: failure to submit requested documents to the Financial Aid Office may result in the forfeiture of anticipated funds. Anticipated Credits appearing on the account statement reduces the amount due accordingly.

The account statement is the primary method of communicating the student's educational costs. The statement provides complete transaction detail for all account activity since the last statement. Statements are provided 6 weeks prior to the start of each term and due two weeks before the term commences. A follow-up statement is produced about two weeks after each term has begun and is due 25 days later. Statements are delivered using the D-Pay Electronic Billing and Payment System.

The due date is displayed on each statement. In order to be cleared financially for an academic term, the amount due must either be paid or covered by anticipated aid/credits.

To avoid a late charge the payment and/or Payment Explanation Form must be received by the due date printed in the upper left section of the account statement.

Late Charges

A separate charge will be assessed for late payment of any student bill. Payment is due and payable no later than the date indicated on the billing statement. If payment is not received by the due date, a Late Charge equal to 1.5% of the amount payable will be assessed.

Descriptions of Additional Terms/Items Appearing on the Statement

If the current balance displayed in the account summary section of the Account Statement is a credit (negative number), a refund can be requested. The Amount Due will never be less than zero (0.00) even though you may have a credit balance once the Special Payments, Authorized Aid, and Anticipated Credits are received.

If you have questions about items listed on the bill, click here to see a list of contacts, or you can review our list of frequently asked questions or contact us.

Last Updated: 7/29/13