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Service Centers

Service Centers are units within Dartmouth divisions, departments or centers that charge for goods or services that directly support Dartmouth's research or academic mission and recover costs through charges to internal and external users. All Service Centers are expected to recover no more than the aggregate costs of their operations through charges to users. All Service Centers must be able to demonstrate compliance with federal requirements, and cannot use fee structures that discriminate against federal or other funding sources. All Service Centers must follow the steps outlined in the Service Center policy and its associated procedures for approval to initiate a Service Center and for ongoing review and reporting.

For more information refer to the policy, procedures, forms and examples:

Am I a Service Center? (pdf)
Service Center Policy (pdf) (last updated June 30, 2016)
Policy Appendix A – Approval Matrix (pdf)
Policy Appendix B – Unallowable Costs (pdf)
Service Center Procedures (pdf)
Service Center Questionnaire and Rate Document (xlsx)
Fee Schedule Examples (xlsx)
Rate and Activity Base Examples (xlsx)

For questions or to request assistance with completing forms email: Subject Field: Service Center or email

Last Updated: 7/24/18