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Restricted Funds Management

Table of Restricted Funds Management Categories

To aid in the transacting and reporting of restricted funds, a classification system has been created to categorize specific endowment funds based on their degree of restriction from the donors. The ranking system has four levels, with Category 1 being least restrictive and Category 4 being most restrictive.

Category Fund Restriction Description
Examples of Terms

Unrestricted to Dartmouth College or to one of the professional schools and used to support general purposes.

  • For the Medical School
  • To support Dartmouth College
2 Broadly restricted to a division, department or general needs of a large program.
  • For the benefit of the Library
  • To support the Chemistry Dept.
  • For undergraduate financial aid
  • In support of Athletics
  • For faculty salaries in Humanities

Restricted to items, programs or activities within a division, department or general large program.

  • For student counseling services
  • Scholarships for undergraduate students from Ohio
  • For the purchase of rare books
  • Programs in international economics

Restricted to very specific items, programs or activities.

  • For Forensic Union team travel to the Freshman Nationals
  • Acquisitions of contemporary works of art in three-dimensions with preference given to works done in cast glass, ceramic and bronze

Last Updated: 5/13/10