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Procurement Card Policy

Purpose of Policy

The Dartmouth College Procurement Card (P-Card) Program is designed to improve efficiency in processing low dollar value purchases ($2,499.00 or less) while providing adequate documentation of expenses, appropriate charging of expenses, and approvals.

P-Card Program Overview

  • The P-Card program is a method for conveniently paying for allowable small dollar items. The Dartmouth’s Business Expense policy ( provides specific requirements for allowable travel and business expenses.
  • The Dartmouth P-Card Program is designed to improve efficiency in processing low dollar value purchases ($2,499.00 or less). The P-Card is a Visa Card and can be used to make purchases for goods (not services) with any merchant who accepts the Visa Card. P-Card transactions for non-restricted commodities cannot exceed $2,499.00 per transaction (including all delivery, shipping and/or special handling charges). Transactions exceeding the $2,499.00 limit normally require a Purchase Order.
  • P-Card transactions are for items of tangible ownership and basic services. P-Cards may not be used for entertainment expenses, or any travel related expenses (with exception for some bus tickets -  See full list of prohibited goods or services below.
  • P-Card transactions are approved and allocated to the appropriate chart string or PTAEO in Dartmouth's P-Card system. Each night approved P-Card transactions are loaded into the general ledger. Approvals should be done in the system weekly, prior to sweep days, i.e. Fridays each week. Finance Centers and/or Department Approvers have between 15 and 20 business days to reallocate P-Card purchases to the appropriate chart string or PTAEO before the P-Card system automatically posts the transaction to the default account. The Sweep/Post Date for each transactions in shown in the P-Card systems.
  • Documentation for P-Card purchases is expected to be delivered to the appropriate approving entity within seven business days from date of purchase. See details regarding required documentation below.
  • All items purchased with Dartmouth funds (subvention, grants, gifts, or reserve funds) are the property of Dartmouth College.
  • If a Cardholder cannot abide by Dartmouth College purchasing policies, the Procurement Card Non-Compliance penalties will go into effect. The P-Card is a privilege, not an entitlement.
  • It is strongly recommended that before anyone uses or is given a P-Card they review all P-Card policies and regularly use the Procure-To-Pay Guide ( for obtaining the correct method to pay for goods and services.
  • Contact your Finance Center, Department P-Card Approver or Procurement Services with questions prior to purchasing items or anytime you need assistance.


To see the complete policy, click here.

Last Updated: 11/30/15