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Print Services

Policy Name: Print Services
Effective Date: May 2011 (Revised September 28, 2016)
Office with Primary Responsibility: Procurement Services
Offices with Secondary Responsibility: Controller’s Office

Policy Summary

At Dartmouth, we understand that there are many different print requirements. Our objective with this policy is to balance the considerable requirements for College print projects with the need for cost effective management and control of their use. Dartmouth spends more than $3.5 million dollars each year on print, and while individual projects may not seem to be significant, once aggregated our spend is sufficiently large to permit considerable financial leverage.  

 This policy establishes principles and guidelines for all print requirements that will allow us to realize the benefits of our sourcing leverage.

 This guideline applies to all Dartmouth employees.

Reason for Policy

To outline the process related to print services.

Scope: Who should know this policy?

  1. Any individual responsible for procuring print projects.
  2. Any individual associated with a Finance Center.

Policy Statement

  1. Please reference the Procure-to-Pay guide for categories as they relate to the selected preferred printers, ordering methods, and process flow.
  2. Preferred Printers: Puritan Capital; Dartmouth Printing and Mailing Services (DPMS); JS McCarthy; Lane Press; RC Brayshaw; Springfield Printing; Shawmut Communication Group; Valley News; Villanti and Sons; Flagship Press
  3. DPMS: All orders for business cards, envelopes, letterhead and diplomas will be placed through Dartmouth Printing and Mailing Services.
  4. Process Requirements:
    1. All print projects less than $10,000 will use one of the preferred printers with no bid requirements.
    2. All print projects greater than $10,000 will require an estimate from at least two of the Preferred Printers.
  5. Requisition / Purchase Order / Invoice Requirements:
    1. All print projects less than $5,000 utilizing one of the Preferred Printers can be processed via a Non-Purchase Order invoice; Pcard under single limit amount.
    2. All print projects greater than $5,000  must be processed via Non-Catalog Requisition.
  6. Shipping (non-common carrier deliveries): For print orders to be delivered to Dartmouth.
    1. Preferred Printer will deliver via company truck (if available/applicable), or
    2. Deliveries will be made via FedEx using your Departmental FedEx Account Number. All shipments will default to ground unless specified otherwise.

Exclusions / Exceptions

All orders to Non-Preferred Printers must go through eProcurement via a non-catalog requisition. Fill out the Sole Source Justification stating why one of the contracted printers cannot perform the service and submit to Procurement with the requisition for approval.

Contacts / Responsibilities

Procurement Services
Jessica Bernatchy
Phone: 603-646-1850


Appendix A - Process Flow for ordering from preferred printers

Appendix B – Process Flow for ordering from non-preferred printers

Procure-to-Pay Guide website -



Sole Source Justification

Last Updated: 7/24/18