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Preferred Professional Names Policy

Effective May 13, 2014

Preferred Professional Names for Faculty/Staff - First and/or Last Name

Non-student employees may self-identify preferred professional first and/or last name, in addition to their legal name as presented on their Social Security Card. Employees may add or change a preferred professional name by submitting the Name Change form, located on the Dartmouth Payroll website under "Forms".  Employees who wish to change their legal name with the College may do so by visiting the Payroll office with their new Social Security Card, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree or State Driver's License.

Preferred Professional Name Data Standards

Although employees are generally free to determine the preferred professional names they wish to be known by, inappropriate use of a preferred professional name may be cause for denying the request.  Dartmouth College reserves the right to remove a preferred professional name if it is used inappropriately.  Preferred professional names must adhere to database character standards used by College systems.

Last Updated: 7/24/18