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Use of 'Other' and 'Holiday' on the Timesheet

When to Record Holiday

Regular benefits-eligible hourly employees recording holiday time on their timesheet should record the hours under the "Holiday" column for those holidays recognized by the College. To locate College Holidays, please refer to the Human Resources website under This should be coded with regularly scheduled hours and should be filled in if an employee does not work on the Holiday. The Sign In/Sign Out columns should be blank.

Below is an example of how to record Holiday on the timesheet:

For example if a person is scheduled to work 8 hours a day, and not scheduled to work on a Holiday, then the Sign In/Sign Out columns do not have to be filled out. The Holiday column should show 8 hours.

When to Record Holiday Worked

Regular benefits-eligible hourly employees who work on a College Holiday, should record the hours they ACTUALLY worked on the holiday under the Hours Worked Sign In/Sign Out columns. Additionally, total hours worked should be recorded in the Holiday Worked column. The time worked should be recorded only in the corresponding pay period worked, and not in a pay period before or after unless approved by a supervisor or department head. If the hours actually worked on the holiday are less than the number of regularly scheduled hours, the difference should be entered in the Holiday column.

Below is an example of how to record Holiday Worked on the timesheet:

For example, if a person is normally scheduled to work 8 hours a day on Monday, and comes in from 8:00 am to 10:00 am on a Monday holiday, their timesheet would actually show entry of 8am in the Sign In column and entry of 10am in the Sign Out column.  Additionally, the employee would enter 2 hours in the Holiday Worked column and 6 hours in the Holiday column.

Please note: Temporary employees do not receive Holiday and Holiday Worked time. All time worked on the holiday should be recorded under the Sign In/Sign Out columns.

When to Record Other

Regular benefits-eligible hourly employees should record Winter Break days in the "Other" column on the timesheet. For further information regarding College Winter Break, please refer to the Human Resources website at

Paid absences from work also should be recorded "Other". For further information on types of paid absences see the Human Resources website

Last Updated: 7/24/18