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Complete the Override Section of the Timesheet

The override section of the time sheet must be used for the following reasons:

  • There are errors on the Time Turnaround Document. (example: a new assignment is not listed)
  • You are charging time at both base pay & base pay plus shift.
  • You have multiple assignments active during this pay period and are being paid on more than one of those assignments.
  • You need to override the Time Turnaround Document (TTD) account distribution for the current payroll only or because a Labor Distribution Account Change form was not processed in time to reflect the TTD listing.
  • Before completing the override section, the upper portion B. of the time sheet must be completed, and must include all hours regardless of department. The total hours are then carried down to the override portion C. of the timesheet.
  • If you are using a different account string to be charged to a portion or all of time worked for any given pay period. (Please include the natural class)

Last Updated: 11/19/10