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Endowment News Bulletins

For information about access to Fundriver, please go to the Controller's Office Financial Systems Access and Tools page.

Click here for Fundriver Training manuals.


There are two (2) links to access Fundriver under the Controller's List of Financial Systems: 

(1) "Fundriver Department" for Departmental Financial Officers, and
(2) "Fundriver Main" for Development and Stewardship Staff.

Be sure to sign in to Fundriver through the Dartmouth Authentication log-in only.
If you attempt to sign in using Fundriver's log-in prompt, you may be locked out of
the system.  A lock-out will occur after three attempts.  If you have been locked out
of Fundriver, you will need to contact Institutional Accounting
at to have your access reset.

Last Updated: 7/24/18