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Payroll Address Change

All address changes are processed by Payroll.


What are the three addresses that are maintained by the Payroll Office?
They are:

  1. Payroll Mailing address is for employees whose work locations is Hanover, NH it is required that your payroll mailing address be your Hinman box. This address is used for mailing paychecks, deposit stubs and at the end of each calendar year your W-2 form. Due to confidentiality, we request the Post Office not to forward these documents.
  2. Legal mailing address is used for mailing benefits information. This address is provided to your Medical and Dental Insurance carrier.
  3. Legal residence address is your physical home address. We are required to have this address on file for you by the State of New Hampshire.

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How do I change my address?
Have you moved or has your address been updated? Do you need to get your address changed on campus and with all your benefit plans? You may complete an Employee Information Form (pdf download). The form is provided for downloading in Adobe's PDF format. You will need to download the form, print it out, complete the information requested and return it to the Payroll Office.  You can also change your Hinman Box address by sending an e-mail to Dartmouth.Payroll@Dartmouth.EDU. Please make certain to include which address(es) you would like changed in the system. 

The options are:

  • Payroll Mailing Address, is for employee whose work locations is Hanover, NH. It is required that your payroll mailing address be your Hinman box.  
  • Benefits and Legal Mailing, which is where you receive your mail and where you want to receive information from your health and dental insurance plans;
  • Legal Residence, which is where you physically reside. Please note: The deadline to change your Payroll Mailing address is normally eight days before the check date. Please monitor the Yearly Payroll Schedule for early deadlines due to Holidays or Winter Break.

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Is my address automatically updated with my Benefit Provider?
The Payroll staff will enter the information into the computer system, which is shared by Human Resources and Payroll Office. The address information is fed electronically by the Benefits Office to Cigna Health Care and Delta Dental on a weekly basis. If you have a retirement account with Calvert Group, Fidelity Investments, or TIAA-CREF, you must contact the company directly to make the change since there is no electronic feed for this information. You may contact Calvert Group at (800) 368-2745, Fidelity at (800) 343-0860, or TIAA-CREF at (800) 842-2776.

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When will my address change be in effect?
Address changes submitted by the deadline will be in effect for your next check. The deadline for submitting a change of address is normally 4:30 pm, eight days prior to your check date. Please refer to the Yearly Payroll Schedule. Please also monitor the Controller's Office Bulletin, or the Payroll News Bulletin for updates to this schedule.

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Last Updated: 10/8/14