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Cashier's Office


What is the limit for a cash advance?

Traveler may receive up to $500.00 in cash, anything over $500.00 must be submitted to your Finance Center for a check to be issued. Traveler's Checks are no longer available.

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When requesting a cash advance when will it be available?

If requesting $500.00 or less the cash advance can be issued once your Finance Center has approved your request. You will receive an email that your cash advance (cash only) is ready to be picked up in the Cashier's Office. If more than $500.00, a check will be requested by your Finance Center.

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Who can approve a cash advance?

A cash advance must be approved by a supervisor or superior of the traveler or any other person in the department authorized to give approval for such transactions. Under no circumstances can the recipient of the cash advance approve his or her own cash advance request form.

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Do I need to come in personally to receive a cash advance?

No, there are a couple of options if a traveler is unable to come to the Cashier's Office to get the cash advance.

  1. If requesting cash the Payee (person requesting cash advance) may send someone else in their place to collect the advance, but must sign and date the form on the Payee line.
  2. If requesting a check, please contact your Finance Center.

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How soon before a trip or event can I request a cash advance?

You may request a cash advance up to 10 days prior to your trip or event and if requesting a check we recommend you submit your request no less than 10 days in advance to allow enough time for processing.

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How do I return remaining funds from a cash advance?

If you have unused funds from your cash advance, those funds need to be returned to the Cashier's Office in McNutt Room 101. Excess funds can be returned in the form of cash or check. Please make check payable to Dartmouth College. You will need to bring the Cash Advance Return Form fully completed with you when returning funds. If you would like a receipt for your return, please bring two copies of the form.

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How do I request a Petty Cash/Change Fund?

Complete the Request for Petty Cash Fund or Request for Change Fund form, obtain proper approval signature from a person in the department authorized to give approval for such transactions and bring the form and proper identification to the Cashier's Office.

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How do I turn over a Petty Cash/Change Fund to someone else in my department?

No transfers of these funds from one employee to another are allowed. The current custodian must close the fund by filling out the proper form (the Request for Petty Cash or Change Fund form and checking the "Close Fund" box) and submitting it along with the cash to the Cashier's Office. The full amount of the fund must be turned in. If some of the fund has been paid out, a replenishment form must be completed prior to closing the fund. The new custodian must fill out a Request for Petty Cash/Change Fund form, obtain proper approval signature and bring the form to the Cashier's Office with proper identification.

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Last Updated: 8/31/18