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Working with Procurement Services

Communications between the requisitioning department (Requisitioner) and Procurement Services (Procurement Specialist) is a mutual responsibility.

The Requisitioner shall inform the Procurement Specialist when:

  • An item specification is being developed for planned procurement action.
  • Specific vendors are required to be added to a bid list.
  • Procurement action is planned involving a potential sole or single source of supply.
  • Sources of supply need to be identified for a specific item or commodity.
  • Supplier services or products are not in compliance with specification or expectation.

The Procurement Specialist shall provide the requisitioner with:

  • A current list of commodity assignments.
  • Assistance in developing item specifications.
  • Information relative to sources of supply.
  • The service of requesting quotations and managing the bid process for selection of the best source of supply.
  • The service of establishing and conducting negotiations with successful bidders.
  • An interface to suppliers for information prior to, and during the procurement process.
  • Information relative to price, quality, and delivery of a requisitioned item during the procurement process.
  • Information, including notes, reports, and correspondence communicated between suppliers and requisitioners pertaining to negotiations or procurement decisions, shall be maintained by the Procurement Specialist.

Requisitioners are encouraged to consult with the Procurement Specialist concerning materials, specifications or other general information. The Procurement Specialist will arrange supplier conferences, obtain product information, and gather other pertinent items and supplier data when requested.

Last Updated: 5/13/10