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Using the P-Card Internally

The P-Card may not be used to purchase any services or goods that are associated with Dartmouth College. Internal account transfers should be used to charge any goods or services between departments. Below are some examples of where you CANNOT use your P-Card internally:

  • The Computer Store
  • Central Stores
  • The Hanover Inn
  • DCAD Tickets, Events, etc.
  • Hopkins Center
  • The Hood Museum Baker Library

If you are buying something internal to Dartmouth College you need to provide a valid chart string or PTAEO to the department you are purchasing from.

Other Examples of Prohibited Goods/Services That Cannot Be Charged to Procurement Card:

  • Cash Cards (credit cards that are used like cash), Travelers Checks, etc.
  • Travel and Entertainment related expenses and advances (this includes but is not limited to: airfare, cabs, car rentals, buses (with the exception of the Dartmouth Coach), trains, parking fees, hotel costs- including room rentals for conferences, meals in restaurants/hotels, Internet connection services, etc.)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Items/services for other than College related purposes (personal use)
  • Meals in restaurants - No sit-down or in-house service is allowed.
  • Catered events from non-approved caterers (approved caterers link):
  • Automotive gasoline
  • Construction and renovations
  • Consulting services ("services" in general should not be charged to the P-Card)
  • Office furniture (*)
  • Prescription drugs and controlled substances
  • Radioactive and hazardous (**) materials
  • Animals (***)
  • P-Cards may NOT be used to purchase gifts or gift cards for any student or staff member.
  • A P-Card may not be used to pay for any goods or services internally at Dartmouth College. For example: Any purchase at the Computer Store, NO tickets for Athletic events, No HOP tickets, No Hood Museum purchases, No Baker Library, No Central Stores purchases, NO internal purchases at all. Internal purchases require a valid chart string or PTAEO for payment.

(*) Contact Denise Conoverl in Procurement Services before purchasing any furniture.

(**) Contact Environmental Health and Safety regarding hazardous materials.

(***) Contact Animal Resources.

Last Updated: 3/19/14