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Procurement Card - Setting Up a New Cardholder

Procurement Cards are issued to regular staff and faculty who make frequent, low dollar (less than $2,499.00) purchases for goods. Students may not be issued a Procurement Card. All cardholders are required to fill out and read the Purchase Card Application/Agreement form before signing the form. The signature of the cardholder is required and shows acceptance to agree to the policies and procedures connected with the Procurement Card Program. The Procurement Card Application/Agreement form is available online. The Procurement Card Application/Agreement form must be signed by the Department Head and/or Fiscal Officer before the application can be processed. The form also requires the name of the individual who will be approving the credit card transactions online in the Procurement Card system. Failure to provide all form information will delay or prevent the issuance of the Procurement Card. Procurement Services will retain all Procurement Card information as confidential.

All Procurement Card transactions must be reviewed and approved in the Procurement Card system weekly, before a transaction post to the general ledger or OGA. A cardholder may not approve his/her own transactions without prior approval from the Procurement Card Manager.

If a department is not approving all credit card transactions on-line, any new Procurement Card requests will be placed on hold until someone in the department is performing this task. Training can be arranged by contacting the Procurement Card Manager.

Completed forms should be e-mailed (Roxanne Zola), mailed to the Procurement Card Manager at HB 6114 or faxed to (603) 646-3810.

Procurement Cards normally arrive within ten to fifteen business days from date of input into the JPMorganChase bank system.

Last Updated: 3/19/14