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Radioisotope Purchases

In order to place a radioisotope order you will need to have access to the On-line Radioisotope Ordering and Inventory Management System (sponsored by BIORAFT) to obtain your radioisotope authorization number (RAN). If you need access to this system please contact Environmental Health & Safety at (603) 646-1762.

You will also need access to eProcurement.

If you are entering a requisition to GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences or PerkinElmer please use SciQuest Marketplace available through eProcurement. Once you have returned to eProcurement and are in the process of checking out, you will get an error message. You will then need to click on the EHS symbol in the middle of your order line. When you click here it will ask you for your RAN. Once you have entered that number, click "continue" and finish checking out.

Last Updated: 5/12/10