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How To Place A Procurement Card Order

The process for placing orders using a Dartmouth Procurement Card is very similar for that used when making a purchase with any commercial credit card. The important differences are:

  1. The purchase is subject to an electronic approval process at the point of sale. Approval is based upon several controls established by JPMorganChase and Dartmouth College.

  2. Supporting documentation must be maintained (see Documentation and Recordkeeping for specific details).
  3. The charges are electronically submitted to the College and are posted to a default chart string or PTAEO for each cardholder. Using the Oracle Procurement Card system, the department’s Procurement Card approver must redistribute charges to the appropriate chart string or a PTAEO, if necessary.

When making a purchase using the Procurement Card, the following procedures should be followed:

  1. Confirm that the purchase is appropriate for the Procurement Card by checking the list of restricted commodities (see Procurement Card Policy for specific details).
  2. If the product or service you are ordering is available under an Approved Supplier Contract, the order must be placed with the College’s contract supplier. If a supplier is listed in Dartmouth’s eProcurement Marketplace, then the order must be processed through this system and a Procurement Card cannot be used.
  3. Determine if your transaction total is $2,499.00 or less. If your transaction is greater than $2,499.00, a requisition must be processed in the eProcurement system in accordance with the established Procurement Services policies and procedures.
  4. When making a purchase with a Procurement Card, be sure to follow these simple steps:
  5. Provide the merchant with the Procurement Card number and expiration date. The vendor may also require the security code that is located on the back of each Procurement Card. If you place an order using the Internet or over the phone, the security code is necessary in order to process the transaction. If you receive a message that your Procurement Card was declined, please contact the Procurement Card Manager immediately to rectify the situation. You may e-mail Roxanne Zola or call (603) 646-2435.
  6. For each Procurement Card transaction you must have a sales receipt. For electronic orders, most vendors will automatically e-mail you with a confirmation/receipt of the transaction. Please print off the page of the website that shows your order was received and confirmed. Forward these documents to the Procurement Card Approver designated for your department (see Documentation and Record Keeping for specific details).
  7. The billing address is always going to be a departmental address. Please do not use Procurement Services or Accounts Payable mailing addresses. All Procurement Card receipts should be mailed directly to the cardholder.

When merchandise is to be delivered:

  1. The cardholder is responsible for inspecting the shipment. In case of returns, the cardholder is responsible for coordinating the return directly with the supplier.
  2. Make sure that the Procurement Card Approver designated for your department is aware of your purchase and that you have followed all departmental procedures regarding order processing and record retention.

Last Updated: 3/19/14