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Delinquent Accounts

If your Corporate Card account becomes more than 30 days past due you will receive an email notification from the Corporate Card Administrator.  If it becomes more than 60 days past due an email will be sent to you and your supervisor.  At this time your supervisor will need to provide a chart string to pay off the delinquent balance. The cardholder and supervisor will need to work out a repayment plan and forward a copy of the repayment plan to the Corporate Card Administrator. The Corporate Card Administrator will notify the Controllers and Payroll Office's regarding the delinquent balance. If the cardholder does not pay the department back, Payroll will be notified that the money the cardholder received (T&E Vouchers) will need to be adjusted to taxable income. Repayment of the delinquent account will be required within one month. The cardholder will send all repayment checks (checks made payable to Dartmouth College) to the Corporate Card Administrator at HB 6114 for deposit into the chart string that was used to pay the bank the delinquent balance.

Last Updated: 1/10/13