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Auction Items

Panasonic LCD TV/Monitors model TC-L42U25
We are offering eight (8) units which were installed in 2010 and are recent
take out units form study and classroom renovations.  All of the monitors were working at the time they were taken out of service. PLEASE NOTE; These units come with power cable only. 

There are NO Remotes, Table Top TV Stand Legs or Wall Mounts included in this sale.

Units are identified by serial number. 

Please use this  (Click Here )Bid Letter Bid Letters need to be sent/received or dropped off/hand delivered to Address: Procurement Services,  Attn. Monitors, HB 6114 or Procurement Services, 7 Lebanon Street, Suite 313, Hanover, NH 03755. (Bid Letters must be received, in a sealed envelope, no later than Thursday, 10-25-2018 at Noon (12:00 PM))

When bidding please submit a price per each. If you wish not to bid on an item please leave blank or enter zero on the bid line.   Items will be sold to the highest bidder buying one or all.  If the items are bid of equal price we reserve the right to offer the purchase to same or next highest bidder.

Please note there is a starting bid on all items of $20.00

Last Updated: 10/17/18