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Ordering Methods

There are various options to purchase materials from all inventory locations.

Stock Requisition Form (paper based forms are available from Central Stores) - complete the form accurately; items desired, unit of measure, quantity, complete chart/PTAEO string, delivery information, building and room number. All Stock Requisitions should be sent to the appropriate stockroom.

Stock Requisition Template - complete the form accurately and either blitz the document as an enclosure to the appropriate stockroom or fax as noted below.

BlitzMail Request - blitz purchase request to the appropriate stockroom with complete information as noted above.

Stockroom Hinman Box Phone Facsimile
Central Stores 6114 (603) 646-3289 (603) 646-3862
Borwell Stockroom 7085 (603) 650-7583 (603) 650-4934
FOM Stockroom 6114 (603) 646-1856 (603) 646-1188
Remsen Stockroom 7080 (603) 650-1583 (603) 650-1756

Last Updated: 7/24/18