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Electronic Payments

Departments expecting a payment by wire transfer, ACH or EFT should send a notification to the Institutional Accounting office at

**ACH/EFT transactions are processed differently and often require an authorization form be completed. Departments should NOT complete these forms, they should be forwarded to Institutional Accounting to obtain proper authorized signature for the Dartmouth College bank account.

When notifying Institutional Accounting of an incoming payment be sure to include the following information:

Name of Sender – Individual person or company name or sending bank name
Expected Amount – If the exact amount is not known, an approximation is ok
Expected Date – If this is known
A copy of the Invoice
Chart string – including all 6 segments – for funds to be posted to

The more information provided to Institutional Accounting, the better.

Additional Notes:

Whenever wire instructions are given out, the sender should be reminded to include detailed reference information such as the receiving department name, a staff member's name, student name and ID number, or alumni name (for donations).

Using an invoice number as reference is not sufficient enough for Institutional Accounting to determine which department the wire is for since each area uses a unique invoice numbering method. Also, using just the name of a project is not specific enough to determine which department a wire is for.

Last Updated: 9/29/16