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Process for Requesting Access to Funkhouser:

Please complete the following steps to request access to Funkhouser:

(1) Go to the Controller's Office webpage at

(2) Follow Quick Link to "Financial System Access & Tools"

(3) Complete "Steps to Gain Access to the Financial Systems" and submit required forms

(4)  Ask your Program Director or Fiscal Officer to e-mail Institutional Accounting at and include the following information in their message:

  • Employee's name and a brief description of the duties which require them to access Funkhouser.
  • Indicate their approval for the employee's access to Funkhouser.
  • Confirm that employee has been assigned a Dartmouth username (Net ID).
  • Confirm that employee has submitted a Confidentiality Agreement and any other forms required for access to College Financial Systems.

[For audit purposes, the request for access privileges must come from a Program Director or Fiscal Officer.]

 (5)  Requests for access to Funkhouser will be reviewed for approval by Institutional Accounting.  Once privileges have been approved and assigned, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the new User and their Program Director/Fiscal Officer.  If you have questions, please email Institutional Accounting.



Last Updated: 12/17/14