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Procedure for reporting perceived compliance deficiencies at Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College requires that we inquire immediately into allegations or other evidence of possible compliance deficiencies. If federal funds are involved, we must be prepared where appropriate to take interim administrative steps to protect federal funds and ensure that the purposes of the federal assistance are carried out. Institutional procedures for handling perceived deficiencies must maintain a common, formal, and easily available entry point for receiving all allegations.

If you want to report what you believe to be a perceived deficiency regarding misconduct in science, please read Dartmouth College's Misconduct in Science Policy: Policy and Procedures for Safeguarding Integrity in Research, Training, and Other Related Activities before proceeding to insure you are familiar with all aspects of this important policy.

It is important to maintain many routes for connecting the designated compliance administrator--in Dartmouth's case the Vise Provost has ultimate responsibility--with other institutional personnel who need to be involved when a report or evidence of non-compliance occurs.

Two procedures for reporting perceived compliance deficiencies at Dartmouth College

  1. Procedure One: Reporting Perceived Compliance Deficiencies
  2. Procedure Two: Anonymous Reporting of Perceived Compliance Deficiencies

Last Updated: 12/23/08