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Council on Sponsored Activities




  1. To propose and endorse internal policies regulating the activities sponsored by agencies outside the College.
  2. To propose and endorse institutional positions in response to policies of external sponsoring agencies as they affect the College.
  3. To review periodically the scope and impact of sponsored activities in relation to institutional purposes.
  4. To propose and endorse institutional policies with regard to patents, copyrights, technology transfer, and the like.
  5. To submit a report to the General Faculty at the end of each academic year.


  • Provost
  • Executive Vice President for Finance
  • Director of Sponsored Projects
  • General Counsel
  • The Deans of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the three Professional Schools or their duly appointed representatives
  • Two members appointed by the Steering Committee from the faculties of the Professional Schools
  • Two members from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences delegated from the voting membership of the Committee on the Faculty
  • The chair shall be appointed by the President from among the members

Current CSA Members

Roger Sloboda (Provost - Representative)
Mike Wagner (Executive Vice President for Finance - Representative)
Jill Mortali (Director of Sponsored Projects)
Bob Donin (General Counsel)
David Kotz (Dean of Faculty Representative)
Leslie Henderson (Geisel Dean - Representative)
Tillman Gerngross (Thayer Dean - Representative)
Robert Hansen (Tuck Dean - Representative)
Duane Compton (Delegate from Steering Committee of the General Faculty)
Elsa Garmire (Delegate from the Steering Committee of the General Faculty)
Jim Haxby (Delegate from the Committee on the Faculty)
John Thorstensen (Delegate from the Committee on the Faculty)


Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC:  sub-Committee of the CSA)

Faculty Members

  • John Butterly
  • David Kotz
  • Tillman Gerngross
  • Bob Hansen
  • Leslie Henderson
  • Howard Hughes
  • Jon Lurie
  • Dan O'Rourke
  • Jack Van Hoff

Administrative Members

  • Liz Bankert, Interim Director, CPHS; Assistant Provost
  • Glennis Gold, Assistant Director, TTO
  • Tammy Hickox, COI Officer
  • Jill Mortali, Director, OSP
  • Jen Reining, Director, Hitchcock Foundation

Last Updated: 11/12/13