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COLT 67 Literature and Women's/Gender Studies

This course will focus on the cultural construction of gender as it is manifested in various texts and traditions. Topics may include one or more aspects of gendered literary study: writing (male/female authorship), reading, literary form, masculine and feminine subjectivity, representation, or feminist literary and cultural criticism.

Winter 2015:   Salgueiro  3B

Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Brazilian Film (Identical to African and African American Studies 86.02)

This course will explore issue of race, class, gender, and sexuality in contemporary Brazilian film.  Film will be viewed as text and analyzed for articulations of national discourses on the four topic areas mentioned above, and will offer students an additional cultural context to examine critically the development of nation and national ideologies such as racial democracy.  Class discussions based on critical readings and film screenings will focus on how Brazilians view themselves and the construction and function of social institutions within the contemporary nation.

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