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Comparative Literature Program
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COLT 57: Special Topics: Culture, Place, and Identity

This course considers the role of culture and identity, migration, evolution of language, gender, race, and class issues, and studies the diverse cultural and artistic productions (literary, cinematic, musical, multi-media) that exemplify the tensions and negotiations between cultures and people.

Winter 2014: Warren (12)

Global Medievalism (INT17)

This course explores various "myths" about the Middle Ages by confronting medieval representations of the world (travel narratives, maps, imaginative literature) with representations of the medieval in the current period of globalization. What notions of "planetary culture" shape narratives of the Crusades or Marco Polo's travels? What roles do the Middle or "Dark" Ages play in post-9/11 discourse? How does the medieval vacillate between prestige and barbarism? How are notions of time and space reconfigured through global medievalism?   (INT)

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