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COLT 57: Special Topics: Culture, Place, and Identity

This course considers the role of culture and identity, migration, evolution of language, gender, race, and class issues, and studies the diverse cultural and artistic productions (literary, cinematic, musical, multi-media) that exemplify the tensions and negotiations between cultures and people.

Spring 2014: Parati (2)

From Dagos to Sopranos: Italian American Culture  (INT17/FRIT35)

Yo! (from the Sicilian “Guagliò”) What does it mean to be an Italian American? This course looks at the history of Italian migration to the United States, and at novels written by Italian Americans (Pietro di Donato, John Fante, Helen Barolini, Louise De Salvo, Marianna de Marco Torgovnick). A number of films by Coppola, Scorsese, Turturro, Savoca, and Tarantino will be shown. Of course we will also work on the portrayal of Italian Americanness in “The Sopranos.” The last week of the course is devoted to the music by Italian Americans such as Sinatra and Madonna.  (LIT/CI)

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